Parking Tips 2

Most often when people are waiting to pick up or drop a passenger off on a small road with vehicles parked on both sides, there is a small chance to park near a curb in order to prevent blocking cars. As you can see in diagram one, the red car has double-parked in the middle of the road to avoid blocking the door entrance, however by doing so it blocks the road for the green car.

To avoid such a problem, one can park between the parked cars so their doors open to free space as displayed in diagram two. Thus, providing an opening for the green car to pass through. It is important to keep in mind to use this tip when or where there is available space

Parking Tip 5

Often times drivers will need to double park in a tiny street. When there is another car present, many drivers will park on the opposite side of the already parked car, making it hard to maneuver through as seen in the diagram.

Instead, it is better to park on the same side as the already parked car, allowing ongoing traffic to pass through fast and easily as seen in the second diagram.

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