Traffic jams are a common headache for many of us, especially in NYC. Through years of driving, I've learned that not just accidents and roadwork, but also driver behavior plays a big role in creating congestion. I've written this guide to share simple yet effective ways to smooth out our commutes. It's about bringing the politeness we naturally show in spaces like elevators onto our roads, to keep traffic flowing and our city moving faster.

Elevator Courtesy, Road Courtesy.

Ever noticed how we take turns entering an elevator instead of crowding in all at once? That same courtesy can ease traffic jams. If we merge one by one, rather than competing to go first, we reduce bottlenecks and keep moving smoothly.

A Cultural Shift.

This guide aims to shift our driving culture by applying everyday manners to driving. Simple changes in how we interact on the road can reduce traffic and make our city more efficient. Remember, mutual respect makes a big difference: letting pedestrians cross quickly and cars merge easily keeps everyone moving.

Towards a Respectful Road.

By extending the respect and manners we use daily into our driving, we can transform our commutes. This guide is a step towards educating New Yorkers on better driving habits, reducing traffic, and making our roads less stressful for everyone.

Let's Keep NYC Moving