From the Author

Ever since I was a child, I was taught that only by respecting others will you be able to win the respect of others; that only by evaluating someone else’s time you could know the actual value of your time. With more than 30 years of driving experience, an extensive amount of yellow taxi rides, and almost 10,000 Uber rides, I realized that some drivers, in order to gain time and get to a destination faster will do so in a way that delays them and everyone else too. However, I believe that if everyone acts more rationally together, then we could buy time for each other. With respect to others and their time, we can act reasonably and be considerate of each other and our respective situations.

In this booklet, I have collected some tips and tricks that will help reduce traffic jams, and it is my belief that if everyone implements them into their routine, then everyone will benefit. Obviously, there are many other different situations that I may have overlooked and are not described in this book. I am open to all suggestions to better our lives together and will be grateful to everyone who writes me with their encounters and tips so we can all eradicate traffic jams in our city.

Let's Keep NYC Moving