Moving Tip 2

Often times on the road there are double-parked vans or trucks loading or unloading their cargo. When someone also needs to double park on the other side of the street, it is unwise to double park next to the truck since it only leaves one lane for ongoing traffic as seen in the first diagram.

Instead, one should move up or back a little to allow movement in two lanes, as seen in diagram two. Once the red car moves further away from the truck, a new lane opens up for ongoing traffic. *

* This tip is specific to the five-lane example, however, it can be used in any situation where there is a double-parked van or truck.

Moving Tip 5

When making a left at an intersection, one must wait and yield for ongoing traffic; many often wait at the traffic light line as shown in the diagram

This behavior forces the vehicles behind to also sit and wait, even when they aren’t turning. Instead, it is smarter for one to move up to the middle of the intersection allowing the cars behind to pass through as demonstrated in the second diagram.*

* If there is a left arrow signal in red or a stop here on a red sign, do not use this tip.

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